We need Catholic priests to warn voters about Joe Biden

Catholics are the largest religious bloc in the United States and Joe Biden is attempting to get our votes with false claims that he’s a good Catholic while he champions violent and gruesome abortion for babies.

Invite injured women to join WAKE UP’s class-action lawsuit

WAKE UP is waging a class-action lawsuit to gain monetary compensation for women and girls injured by Pfizer’s abortion medication. Many women are ashamed to talk about their abortion injuries and yet they need help. So please share the news!

Missy Reilly Smith, Profile of a Pro-Life Hero

By Jim Fritz . The Defender

All of us involved in Pro-Life activity recognize the names of heroes who exemplify the Pro-Life movement. Missy Smith belongs in this group. She shines like a many-faceted diamond, standing out in so many ways it is hard to focus on only a few which we shall do in this article.